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About Legend Investimentos

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    Pleasure to meet you. We are Legend Investimentos

    We are a different investment house because we know that no one understands the financial needs of customers better than themselves. For this reason, we focus on our clients. We make sure that they feel privileged and not just well served. How do we do that? Properly understanding their needs and, above all, respecting their wishes.

    This is possible with the experience and knowledge accumulated by our partners and key executives over the years.

    Innovation coupled with knowledge, technology, investment processes and risk control, focusing on the client's investment needs, guides us towards the expected results.

    At Legend Investimentos we do everything with absolute transparency so that our customers can use our open architecture, allowing access to all products with the seal of BTG/Pactual.

    For us, quality is everything, and only the best is good enough.

    Welcome to Legend Investimentos.



    Fixed Income

    Fixed income investments are recommended for investors seeking predictability in the profitability of investments, with set rates and terms upon contract signature.


    Investment Funds

    Funds are an investment modality that gathers financial resources from a group of investors (unitholders) in a basket option. Among its advantages is the possibility of allowing access to investments with lower values than would be required to invest on your own.



    A stock is the smallest portion of a company's capital. When you buy a stock, you become a partner in the company and expect to earn returns as the company grows, as well as by receiving dividends. The return is given by receiving part of the company's profits or by selling stocks after its appreciation - on the other hand, losses can occur in case of devaluation of the company's stocks.


    Real Estate Funds

    These are investment funds aimed at real estate projects - such as offices, agencies, shopping centers, warehouses, among others. Most of them are traded on the stock exchange, facilitating access of individuals to major real estate projects in Brazil with a low entry value.


    Alternative Investments

    These are investments that contrast with traditional investments. They are not listed on any exchange or over-the-counter (OTC) market, and are “out of the box” opportunities for the investor who gives up liquidity in exchange for good return chances. Some examples are: Venture Capital, Private Equity and Special Situations.


    Pedro Salles

    Founding partner and CEO of Legend Investimentos with over 6 years of experience in the Private Banking market. He also worked at Itaú Unibanco and was a partner at XP Inc. Degree in Business Administration at Ibmec-RJ and MBA in Investments and Private Banking by Ibmec.

    Tulio Lopez

    Founding partner and CCO of Legend Investimentos with more than 10 years of experience in the Private Banking market. He also worked at Itaú Unibanco and XP Inc. Degree in Economics at FMU-SP and an MBA in Executive Management at FGV-SP.

    Amanda Sacramento, CFP

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos, certified by the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) with over 18 years of experience in the financial market, working in companies like Banco do Brasil, HSBC Bank and Itaú Unibanco. Bachelor degree in Business Administration and CBA in Capital Market from Ibmec.

    Fabiana Cataldo, CFP

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos with more than 21 years of experience in Bradesco S.A. Bank and Itaú Unibanco S.A. Bank, being 15 years of experience in Private Banking. Graduated in Business Administration with focus in foreign trade and post-graduate in Controllership from Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

    Felipe Aquino

    Partner at Legend Investimentos worked at Safra Bank and Julius Baer Family Office where he helps managing High New Worth accounts. Graduated in Business Administration at Insper and Founder of an NGO in 2013 that helps teaching financial education for low-income population in Brazil.

    Felipe de Souza Leão

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos with several years of experience in the financial market. Started his career as an analyst in Piemonte Investimentos, worked as a salesperson for JLT Seguros, and was a banker for XP Investimentos. Bachelor in International Relations, has an MBA in Corporate Finance, both from PUC-RJ.

    José Simão Jr

    Partner and head of variable income at Legend Investimentos, with a solid career of 25 years in the financial market helping companies like Banco Fibra, Fator, Citibank (Intra), founding partner of Intrader DTVM and Mont Capital Asset, Head of variable income at J.Safra brokerage. He has a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Pontificia Universidade Católica de SP - PUC SP.

    Karina Okazaki, CFP

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos, with over 22 years of experience in Private Banking market. She also worked at Bank Boston, Citibank Private Bank, ABN Amro Private Bank and Itaú Private Bank. Degree in Business Administration at PUC-SP, MBA at ESPM-SP and Private Banking Specialization at FEA-USP.

    Luiza Prandini Moliterno

    Partner at Legend Investimentos, with previous experience working at UBS private banking (Swiss bank). Double degree in Law School (Mackenzie University) and Industrial Engineering (Anhembi Morumbi).

    Ana Gnattali

    Partner and responsible for the Investment Solutions Desk at Legend Investimentos, with expertise in derivatives and variable income, she comes from the Treasury at XP Investimentos, where she worked in the area of ​​Liquid Derivatives and Global Markets Desk. Graduated in Architecture, with an MBA in Management by PUC-RJ and specialization in pricing and volatility strategies.

    Martha Porto

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos, with a relevant career in top institutions, 22 years at Banco Safra alongside renowned bankers in the Private Banking, Corporate and Large Accounts market. Graduated in Marketing and several specializations in products and financial operations in qualified assistance to its clients.

    Carlos Bittencourt

    Partner and banker at Legend Investimentos, graduated in Economic Sciences from PUC - RJ.

    He began his career at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, focusing on the development of the Infrastructure sector in Brazil.

    In his latest experience, he managed portfolios of Ultra High Net Worth families at the Julius Baer Family Office.

    Marcos Silveira

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos, with a few years of experience in the financial and insurance market, accumulating in his curriculum work at Prudential do Brasil as an insurance specialist and at XP Investimentos as a banker. Graduated in Economics from Ibmec and specialized in estate planning from the School of Business and Insurance.

    Alvaro Gewehr, CFP®

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos, with more than 23 years of experience at Banco HSBC, Banco Unibanco, Banco Santander, UBS Brasil and Banco Safra, accumulating 20 years of experience in the Private Banking market. Graduated in Economics at FAAP and MBA in Finance at FGV.

    Ana Luiza Vainboim, CFP®

    Partner and Banker at Legend Investimentos, with more than 30 years of experience in the financial market, having worked at Banco de Investimentos Garantia, Chase Fleming Banco de Investimentos, Boreal Holding, and Itau Private Bank.

    Patrícia Terçarolli

    With more than 7 years in the Private Banking market and with experience at Banco HSBC, Santander, JP Morgan and BTG Pactual. Graduated in Economic Sciences from FAE Bussiness School.

    Assistant Advisors

    Gabriela Gove

    Rodrigo Tassone


    Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 3900 - 6º andar
    São Paulo/SP - 04538-132


    +55 11 5464-7100